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we are disrupting the selfie at tourist sights.

One of the greatest athletes of all times, Michael Jordan, once said: I’ve always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come. I don’t do things half-heartedly, because I know that if I do, I can only expect half-hearted results. As a former athlete himself, Look@ founder and CEO always tried to live in such a way. With that on his mind, he quit from a well payed job of a project manager in a construction company after ten years and decided to follow his dreams, create his own path. He had a vision in which he believed and acted on it. He knew in his heart that he had to invest all of himself in it so it could work. And this is something we believe in Look@. Give it all! This is something embedded in our core.

We don’t believe in boundaries and limitations, we are not satisfied with the status quo. We want to make things change for the better. We want to create tomorrow!


To serve millions of tourists through our next-generation urban products.


To bring “selfie at tourist sight” to the 21st century.


Love and honesty. Growth through creativity, innovation, and hard work.


The sculpture.

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